My name is Amyelle Pilgrim and I am an actress, writer, model and musician. Over the last nine years I have been trained under a multitude of fine institutes and tutors and taking every opportunity I find. I have been lucky enough to tutor kids in drama through the Goodna Girl Guides and private tutelage.
Creative work is what I love. I believe that the way to someone’s heart is through entertainment and so I intend on entertaining the world. As a child and now into my young adulthood I have been influenced by great creative minds around me. Musicians like Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix; artists like Andy Warhol; and actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, Julia Roberts and John Cusack. As an emerging artist I hope my work relates to the realness of my contemporaries, a true commentary on the world I live in through artistic expression. Ultimately, I just want people to really understand the beauty of the arts, and love it as much as I do. I also aspire to teach people about the world of acting and theatre as it has changed my life and I know it will change others. I am passionate about the arts and love teaching people about it. I currently teach two girls in speech and drama, this has sparked my love and passion for teaching. I believe that the basics of theatre are fundamentals in day to day life – improvisation, self-confidence, etc. – and can help everyone, even those who don’t want to pursue the arts as a career. My values as a practitioner are to enrich the lives of my audiences and/or students, to use serious societal issues in comedic pieces to invoke change and start conversations and to constantly work to improve my skills to ensure that I am a well-rounded, well informed practitioner.

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